Jade Kievits

Currently based in The Hague



In my practice I like to work with the relation between humans and the natural world, and the more-than-human concepts. The themes I touch on are those of anthropocentrism and the natural world. By having research as a key part of my process, scientific principles are woven into my work. The work I make investigates my own curiosity regarding the mysteries that the world around us has to offer. I aim to leave room for the viewer to wonder, and to think about the questions that arise.

2022 - 2026 BA Photography, Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague

2021 - 2022 Propaedeutic year, BA Applied Photography and Image Communication, Nederlandse Academie voor Beeldcreatie (NAVB), Amsterdam

2024 - “Weaving through dawn waiting for the sun to rise again” (group exhibition), Paradise West x KABK, The Hague

2024 - Shortlisted “Plant Life” by IMA next, judged by Stephen Gill

2023 - “Exposure, Solidarity, Resistance” (group exhibition), The Humanity Hub in collaboration with TMC Asser Institute and the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague

2022  - “Introspectie” (group exhibition), De Krachtcentrale, Huizen